Aligned with the Principles of National Health Stack

National Health Stack clearly highlights the need for an

organised approach through health lockers in long term

Key Excerpts 1:

Users can use personal health lockers for long term storage of their health information aggregated from different HIPs. The actual storage solution used by health lockers to store health information may be managed by the locker provider itself or externally hosted (e.g., a personal health locker may just be a software service that stores health information on user’s smartphones). Some health locker providers may provide both storage and consent management services & thus play the dual role of locker provider as well as consent manager.

Key Excerpts 2:

It is particularly valuable for personal health locker providers to play the role of HIPs to other HIUs. Health lockers provide a long-term storage solution for health information of users, which even HIP software systems or health repositories may not offer and over time, personal health lockers will likely become a more reliable source of information (for personal HIFs) than these other systems.

How does the information flow under National Health Stack